Our House to House Walk

We had this lovely story from a group of ladies that did the walk:

We are a group of mature ladies who met long ago when our children started school. We meet up on a Sunday for a glass (or two) of wine and chat.

As usually happens in January we were talking about getting fitter (and some of us thinner) when the House to House Charity walk was mentioned and as we were now on the second bottle thought this would be a good idea!

I contacted Moores Cleaning and Nick provided a wonderful 12 week training schedule which if we started straight away we could do before the walk. The 3 walks a week were planned and those who could make them did. When we started there was snow and ice and a 3 mile walk was a killer but we gradually built up and managed the 10 and 15 mile walks, we even had some of our now grown up children joining us and the lovely Debi from Moores.

So the big day came and even though we were scared we would be unable to complete the walk we were determined to try our best. We all agree we have not been on anything so well organised as this walk, all the Marshalls involved were friendly and encouraging and there was a wonderful atmosphere the whole day. We always felt safe; the route was clearly marked and had been well thought out.

It was great to get to the White Hart who had so kindly provided lovely hot food and drink and after a rest we were off again.

The feeling when we made it to Tedworth House was indescribable and we all felt really proud of what we had achieved, though our legs were telling us something completely different! Thanks to Moores Cleaning we are now a lot fitter and have continued the walking with lots of country walks with wonderful views, we now walk on a Sunday before we have our glass of wine! We also managed to collect over £1,000 in sponsorship.

We can’t wait for the walk next year and hope Moores keep doing this for many years to come.